Crush BPSC Mains – GS Answer Writing – 50 Day plan

BPSC Mains 67th exam.

This space is dedicated to GS mains answer writing practise for the upcoming BPSC mains in december 2022 . Aspirants who are qualifying BPSC 67th CCE prelims are looking for daily answer writing practise for GS mains syllabus . Aspirants who are preparing for BPSC 68th CCE 2023 can also utilise this Free initiative .

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The idea is to do holistic coverage of GS mains syllabus via answer writing . Daily 5 questions will be uploaded , aspirants are encouraged to attempt all questions seriously just like exam mode .

Best answer will be featured in comments with feedback from our expert faculty . Peer evaluation with discussion is encouraged .

BPSC Mains Daily Answer Practise

25 – 31 OctoberGS 1 , GS 2
1 – 7 NovemberGS 1 , GS 2
8 – 14 NovemberGS 1 , GS 2
15 – 21 NovemberGS 1 , GS 2
24 – 30 NovemberGS 1 , GS 2
1 – 7 DecemberGS 1 , GS 2
8 – 14 DecemberGS 1 , GS 2
15 – 21 DecemberGS 1 , GS 2
BPSC Mains Answer Writing

Target BPSC Mains Answer Writing

Guide to Self Review (your own Answers)

It is always easy to read answers of others, however it’s difficult to go through your answers , the reason being it is tough to constructively criticise your own answers.

But, either by not reviewing on your own or by not getting feedback either from peers or mentors, you may be unknowingly repeating few mistakes again and again.

It is always helpful that you review your own answers  while also reading others’ answers . Having some reference helps in analysing your answers’ quality. Our discussion videos will help enriching the content. The true focus remains on structure of answer, we have planned initiatives that will help.

Overall aesthetics and layout of answer does play a crucial role in answer writing . Plains mundane running lines and long paragraphs may have content but it is not always scoring fetching high marks .

Think this – you are an evaluator (55+ age) reading hundreds of answers copies and awarding marks , the monotony to read plainly put answers and more worse adding no substance / facts to support arguments is perfect recipe for disaster in form of getting average marks and missing call for Interview , may be allocated undersized service , all because we missed the opportunity to slightly better fine tune our answers .

Answers must not only have substance but also be presented such that it is fulfilling for evaluator , who will award marks to well presented answers . If your handwriting is bad, promptly work must be done to improve it (YES, it matters). Consider writing with more spaces between words , also overwriting be strictly avoided .

Self Reviewing your answers has two purposes: It will acts as revision and also helps you assessing strengths and weaknesses.

Question – How to properly review your answer written ?

Assuming you have written answer after thoroughly following our strategy as outlined in our previous article, here are guidelines for self- reviewing(evaluating) of your answers:

  1. Read the question atleast twice.
  2. Break it down into parts if it is a long question.
  3. Answer must be tidy and well structured with headings , sub headings , paras , bullet points , some figures . (
  4. Long paragraphs having more than 6 continuous lines to read must be avoided. Good Structure is very important and if absent, will lead to get low marks . You cannot press evaluator to hunt for good points , it aspirant’s duty to write i structured form such that everything is cleary visible.
  5. Introduction, can preview of full answer , or define and give context of question asked maximum in 2-3 lines. WELL BEGUN is HALF DONE , having reading Introduction ready in advance is perhaps a killer strategy adopted by all toppers .
  6. The body of answer must address all parts of the question. if a situation where we dont know about a part of question , it still must be attempted with some standard knowledge , however this does not mean that one is writing factually and conceptually wrong answers. 
  7. Wherever possible answers with points must be substantiated with examples. Examples must be given at least 2-4 points. Arguments without facts , reports , court judgements has no value. Always take support which is unquestionable . 
  8. Conclusion , often missed by aspirants, all answers without exception must end with conclusion .The end must not be repetition of what already has been stated in introduction and body . Ending on a positive note , with forward looking points and how to improve , global dimension , the brighter greener side , optimism must be visible .

Answer should have clarity, consistency (in terms of your stance, presentation and structure), conciseness, relevancy (extremely important) and coherence (flow between parts). 

The answer which has all of above get 60% of the marks for every question. If during self review you find some thing missing , deduct 1 mark for every mistake.

Little improvements of 1-2 marks per every question will add up to total marks . These when totalling can boost your score by 50 marks and thus getting high rank in that special holy Final Result Pdf file.

Grammar is not absolutely important but answers should be able to communicate in simple language with high school basic grammar , avoiding tenses errors or long complex sentences. Normally marks are not cut for poor grammar as long as answer has good arguments supported by facts addressing the demand of the question.

Your daily participation in this initiative is expected . Towards the end you will be better articulator , one who is able to express clear thoughts and true understanding about a topic , the traits which are of an aspiring Administrative Officer.

Our Team will try our best to review your answers. 

Wish you all the best. 

Note: The article be used as broad SOP (standard operating procedure) for self-evaluation. The BPSC commission may have different approach, but the aforementioned points is bare minimum expected in any answer of a good aspirant. 

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